(2022) PUBG vs Fortnite: which one is more enjoyable?

PUBG vs. fortnite

Which is better PUBG vs Fortnite?

 In this article, I will discuss the two most popular games, the Player Unknowns Battlegrounds or otherwise PUBG and the game you guys know as Fortnite. This is going to be a critical analysis of each game’s mechanics, their skill gaps, and what kind of gamers they are made for because ultimately at the end of the day while both of these games are in the Battle Royale Shooter genre and they are very similar in that manner they are made for completely different types of gamers and this article is supposed to help you find out which kind you are.

Disclaimer – This is not going to be me trying you to sway you to one side or the other for any other game it’s going to be simply me explaining the differences between these two games. What kind of gamers they are made for I will provide reasons that one game is not inherently inferior to the other one.

Comparison of PubG and Fortnite

Now, I am going to discuss the differences between PUBG and Fortnite. Why do we like these games so much and why the Battle Royale genre and general is blowing up right now. If you are unfamiliar with the Battle Royale genre this is essentially read take anywhere from 50 to 100 players, put them on a map, and then those players need to go and scavenge for loot equipment and strategize to be the final one standing at the end of the game and being the final survivor has been something that is so addicting and I think that’s definitely helped to popularize this game.

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Now, I want to talk a little bit about Fortnite not necessarily the gameplay mechanics suggests but I want to talk about the way that they have advertised their game and made it available to all players if you guys did not know that Fortnite is a game that is easily available in every single console Xbox PlayStation, PC and MAC anybody get their hands on this game. While this not be the most profitable decision now because I think developers are making a significant return on their investment by making free-to-play for everybody. I think that this is all part of a bigger plan.


 Fortnite is very easy just to pick up the controller get straight into a game and feel like you know what you are doing in the match after a little bit of practice. You know upon your first spawn in and your playthrough you’ll be felt like kind of know that what the whole gist of this is about obviously as you play more, you’ll start to get better and learn things. Fortnite works on the principle in which you jump into a game and it’s a very nice learning curve so you’ll probably learn this game very quickly.


PubG is a game with a very high barrier to entry this game and it is costly as compared to Fortnite. It’s not just pick up a mouse and keyboard or pick up a controller and just get right into it you’re probably going get trashed in a couple of games. PUBG is available on Xbox One, Windows 10, and Android mobiles. The PubG graphics are highly textured and the amount of texture is collectively responsible for the game’s rendering and glitching issues.

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 PubG vs Fortnite Map size

 PubG’s map is large as compared to the map of Fortnite, Fortnite’s smaller map is also full of interesting cities and villages and creative buildings, but the interesting factor about this game is it tends to go faster because a hundred players are collectively merged into a smaller map which prevents the users from glitching issues, etc.

What came first PubG vs Fortnite?

As per certain data available on some legitimate or official platforms It is observed that Fortnite was first released in July 2017 and PubG was launched on 23 March 2017. So, PubG came first.

Visit: Fornite Official Site

Visit: PubG official site


Both the games that I have discussed above are unique in their own perspectives. Both have some pros and cons. I personally like both the games because gaming is all about having fun with friends with adequate and interesting new features, impressive graphics, and a faster connection and response rate. Hope you guys are playing one of these games. If yes, Comment below. Which is your favorite game PubG or Fortnite? 

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