Mare Phasmophobia: (Evidences, Proofs, Strengths of Mare)

In this article, we are going to discuss one of the dangerous and scariest ghost types of Phasmophobia game is “Mare”.

Mare Phasmophobia

What is a Mare in Phasmophobia?

The mare is one of the dangerous ghosts in the Phasmophobia game, especially in the VR mode. The strength of the mare is that it has a much higher chance to attack in the darkness. Having all the lights off in the room gives it a plus 10 modifiers on its hunting chance making it nearly as aggressive as a demon as you may expect.

Weakness and Strength of Mare Phasmophobia

The mare’s weakness is that it has less chance to attack when the lights are on. This will give it more strength in its hunting chance.

The mare’s behavior complements its strength and weakness greatly. The mare will generally turn off lights quite frequently but will rarely turn them back on. The mare also has a tendency to turn off the level’s power source quite frequently compared to other ghost types.

On larger maps such as asylum, it may be worth keeping someone nearby to turn it back on which will reduce the mess chance to hunt.

Some Important Facts about Mare Phasmophobia

The mare has a higher chance to turn the light off and it is also said to have a higher chance of performing the ghost event where the lights get blown out.

However, this event can be caused by any ghost type, so getting one does not mean you for sure have a Mare. Additionally, some Mare’s never blown out the lights.

Thus, this may not be a very reliable way to tell if you have a Mare. If you are trying to figure out the ghost type you have the Mare as a possibility, you can keep these traits in mind to help you to make a final decision.

How do I find a Mare Phasmophobia?

A great way to know, you have a Mare is to test when the ghost hunts. A Mare’s hunting threshold will vary depending on whether or not there are lights on around it, when the lights are off in the ghost room, Mare’s has a chance of hunting at 60 percent average sanity.

When the lights are on in the ghost room the Mare will not be able to hunt until a 40 percent sanity, when doing this test, you’ll want to turn the lights on in both the ghost room and all the adjacent rooms, just in case the ghost changes rooms during that time.

However, you need to be cautious with the Mare even when the lights in the ghost room and all adjacent rooms are on.


The evidence for the Mare is spirit box, ghost orbs, and ghostwriting.

If you start getting this combination of evidence pay attention to how often the ghost roams into dark rooms, and how often it turns lights or the breaker off. Whether or not it blows lights out and at what sanity it seems to hunt at.

Using all of these attributes, you can hopefully decide you are dealing with a mare Phasmophobia.

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