Kozuki Oden: Best Swordsman Ever(All Details About Him)

Kozuki Oden, One of the best-written characters ever. He was the demon of sword, having Enma and Ame no Habakiri. In this article, We will discuss each and everything about Oden One piece. There are No Manga Spoilers in this article.

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Kozuki Oden Best Swordman Ever(All Details About Him)

Who is Kozuki Oden

Kozuki Oden was an amazing Samurai and son of the Shogun. He was so strong from a young age, At the age of 15, He was capable enough to defeat samurai and elders, he his own group of girls. At the age of 18, He defeated gigantic boar with his swords, and he had mastery of both his sword from a young time, the sword which Zoro took time to master. At the age of 29, Oden was not much weaker than Prime Whitebeard.

So this must have given you an idea, of how strong Kozuki Oden actually was.

Family of Kozuki Oden

Kozuki Family

There are 4 members of Oden’s family-

  1. Kozuki Oden
  2. Kozuki Toki (Wife)
  3. Kozuki Momonosuke (Elder Son)
  4. Kozuki Hiyori (Younger Daughter)

Momonosuke was the older sibling and Hiyori was younger before Momonosuke jumped 20 years through time.

Before jumping through time, Momonosuke was 8 years old and Hiyori was 6 years old. After he skipped 20 years, with the help of her mother’s ability. He was still 8 years old and Hiyori was 26 years old.

Oden’s Dream

Kozuki Oden’s dream was to set sail in the ocean, go out of Wano, and explore the whole world. His dream of going out of Wano got fulfilled when Whitebeard Pirates got crashed into Wano. Oden’s instincts sensed an overly powered demon and he went to check him out and his strength, Although he got one punched by Whitebeard.

Oden was so obsessed to go with Whitebeard that he stayed in the water going through the ocean for straight three days, which convinced Whitebeard’s pirates that Oden has a strong enough Will to travel through hellish places in the ocean.

Oden met Toki

Toki came to the present time 830 years ago using the Toki Toki no Mi, She came from 830 years ago to meet the New Joyboy but she got in love with Kozuki Oden and married him.

Oden met Toki when she was being Confronted by Karma pirates, she was there saved by Oden.

Kozuki Oden’s abilities

Oden had many abilities, some of which his son Momonosuke also inherited. Let’s see the abilities first.

  • Poneglyph reading

Oden had the ability to read the Poneglyph, which he had inherited from his fathers. He got the knowledge of how to read, and write the ancient script written on Poneglyph. This ability of Oden made the Pirate King Gol D. Roger interested in him and Gol D. Roger begged Whitebeard to give Kozuki Oden to him.

  • Voice of all Things

Oden could hear the voice of all living creatures, which is inherited by his son Momonosuke. Oden was able to hear the voice of Sea Kings alongside Roger and Luffy, he was also able to hear the voice of Zou when he was nearby it.

  • Cooking Skills

Kozuki Oden was an expert in the skill of cooking food, he had fed his followers samurais many times food from his Hotpot. His favorite dish was Oden.

  • Physical Abilities

Kozuki Oden was born with talent, since a young age, he was really powerful and agile. At the age of just 2, Oden was able to catch the rabbit’s bare hand, growing older he could hold a hot pot with his bare hands and he often used to carry big carp from the sea which he used to catch himself.

Oden getting smashed

Oden had extreme level durability, he took a point blank range quake punch from Whitebeard and was fine afterward, he also took a Ryou attack from Gol D. Roger and was even fine ever after that. Oden also received two powerful blast breath attacks from Kaido and he was fine even after that. This show how great durability Oden had.

He got hit by the strongest attacks of the strongest pirates of which 2 are Yonko and 1 is Pirate king and he was still fine after receiving those deadly attacks.

As we are talking about Durability and endurance, how can we forget here the Boiling Pot, when Oden stayed in Boiling Oil for a whole one hour carrying the Nine Red Scabbards on his shoulders.

Oden also had great Stamina, as he fought the ronins of Kuri for whole one night and made Ashura Doji the head, give up.

  • Swordsmanship

Oden was one of the best swordsmen in One piece of his age. His attacks were so refined and great, he was using Two sword style which he used to call Oden two-sword styles. He had extreme mastery in his two swords Enma and Ame no Habakiri.

Oden was able to give Kaido a scar and also was able to scare Kaido using his sword techniques.


Oden possessed all three types of Haki, which is rare in One piece world. As only a seleccanility to use all three types of Haki, like Luffy, Doflamingo, Whitebeard, Roger, and a few more are/were able to use all three types of haki.

  • Haoshoku Haki or Conqueror’s Haki

Haoshoku Haki is also known as Conqueror’s Haki or also known as Haki of Supreme king. This Haki is possessed by very few people born with the spirit of Conqueror. Oden possessed this haki when he clashed with Whitebeard, Kaido, and all other enemies.

  • Busoshoku Haki or Armament Haki

Busoshoku Haki also known as Armament haki, uses this type of haki, the person coats his whole body or part of it with his will and soul. Kozuki Oden had mastery in this haki form and was able to use its advance form Ryou.

  • Kenbunshoku Haki or Observation Haki

Kenbunshoku Haki also known as Observation Haki, helps the user to predict milli-seconds in the future to dodge any attack, if advanced it can even predict too few seconds. Oden being a swordsman had basic Observation haki only.

Swordsmanship and Swords

Oden was well known and one of the best Swordsman during his time. He was almost on par with Roger and Whitebeard, and far stronger than Kaido. Kaido also said about Oden that

We will never see a monster samurai of his like again!!!

— Kaidou about Oden.

Oden’s Swords

Oden had two swords Enma and Ame no Habakiri. These swords are classified so powerful as Enma is able to cut through to the bottom of hell whereas Ame no Habakiri is able to slice heaven itself. Let’s see more about these swords.

Enma And Ame no Habakiri


Enma is one of the 21 Great Grade Swords. This sword was crafted by Swordsmith Shimotsuki Kozaburo. Enma is said as being able to cut through the bottom of hell. This sword was wielded by Kozuki Oden for 20 years and then passed on to Kozuki Hiyori and She gave the sword to Rorora Zoro.

Enma is so strong that it took Zoro so much effort to be able to use it. Zoro was able to cut Kaido and defeat King using Enma.

Ame no Habakiri

Ame no Habakiri is also one of the 21 Great Grade Swords. This sword was crafted by former Shogun Kozuki Sukiyaki. Ame no Habakiri is said to be able to slice down the heaven itself. This sword was wielded by Kozuki Oden for almost 20 years and then it was passed on to Kozuki Momonosuke and he is wielding this sword now.

FAQs related to Kozuki Oden

What is Kozuki Oden’s bounty: The bounty of Oden was not revealed. Up to this date, his bounty is secret.

Is Yamato really Oden? : No, Yamato is not really Oden or any type of Blood-related with him. She is so much inspired by him that she says herself, Oden.

Who killed Oden in One piece: Kaido killed Oden in One Piece.

Was Oden the strongest Swordsman: No, Oden wasn’t the strongest swordsman. Roger and Whitebeard were easily stronger than Kozuki Oden.

Can Oden defeat Kaido: Yes, Kozuki Oden could have defeated Kaido 20 years ago, if his battle hasn’t interfered. Although, after 20 years we can’t surely say he could have still defeated Kaido.

Who is Oden’s Son: Kozuki Momonosuke is the son of Oden.

Did Oden eat any devil fruit: No, Oden was so much strong all by his brute strength and his swords.

Will Oden will be in One piece live action? : Yeah, Kozuki Oden will be in One Piece Live action, although it would take years for the live action to reach that point.

Can Kozuki Oden defeat Shanks in One Piece? : No, Kozuki Oden would never be able to defeat Shanks in a battle, Since Kozuki Oden is most probably between Yonko and 1st Commander level.

Does Kozuki Oden have Conqueror’s Haki? : Yes, Kozuki Oden had Conqueror’s haki. We told the proofs and images about it in this article above.

Monkey D. Garp vs Kozuki Oden, who will win? : Simply put, Monkey D. Garp simply defeats Kozuki Oden. As Garp was on par with Gol D. Roger, Oden was not even able to touch Gol D. Roger.

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This was a bit detailed article about Kozuki Oden. In this article, we covered his Family, dreams, Abilities, Haki, and many more. We hope this article helped people to gain knowledge about him.

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