Jinn Phasmophobia: (Evidence, Strengths, Proofs) all details

In this article, we will discuss one of the most dangerous ghost types of Phasmophobia game, “Jinn”.

Jinn Phasmophobia

Introduction of Jinn Phasmophobia

The Jinn is an interesting ghost type of Phasmophobia game. It is known for its speed abilities. A fun fact about the Jinn Phasmophobia is that it will attack when it feels threatened by the player.

What is the fastest ghost in Phasmophobia?

The Jinn is considered to be one of the fastest ghosts in Phasmophobia which moves at 2/5 m/s if the player is far away and the generator is on.

How do I know if I have Jinn Phasmophobia?

The Jinn is one of the scariest ghosts of Phasmophobia that will attack when it seems be threatened which will make it one of the most active ghost types. When the level’s power source is turned on the Jinn can use its strength.

Strength of Jinn Phasmophobia

The Jinn will travel at two times the speed when it’s more than 4 meters away from you. It will be able to catch up to you this can be unnerving but when it does reach within four meters of your view it will return to the normal ghost speed.

Weakness of Jinn Phasmophobia

As a result, Jinn’s weakness is that turning off the level’s power source will stop Jinn from moving faster. The Jinn have a fondness for electronics like phones, car alarms, light switches, radios, etc. and generally, they will interact with them more than other ghost types.

Testing for Jinn Phasmophobia

The best way to test for Jinn Phasmophobia is to compare its hunting speed when the power is on to when it is off.

When the breaker is off, the Jinn will no longer be able to use its speed boost. It will travel at the average ghost hunting speed.

Evidence of Jinn Phasmophobia

The Jinn’s evidence is fingerprints, EMF level 5, and freezing temperatures.

If you start getting this combination, you may want to consider turning off the breaker so it cannot use its abilities.

Just watch out if you have a Jinn and you have turned the breaker off because the Jinn can still turn the breaker back on in an attempt to use its abilities again.

Update about Jinn Phasmophobia

As of update v0.6.2.0, the Jinn will now only give off an EMF by the breaker when it uses its sanity drain ability, instead of wherever it was when it used the ability.

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