Dragon Ball Super achieves New Sales Numbers After release of Volume 19

Dragon Ball Super achieved significant sales after the release of Volume 19. After the release of this volume, it achieved a whole new number of sales.

Dragon Ball Super Volume 19

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DBS manga

The Sale of Dragon Ball super manga Volume 19 has been sky rocketed, which shows there are still many Dragon ball Fans keeping eyes on the new releases.

DBS manga is getting Quite criticism for the way it has evolved. The Granolah the Survivor arc is going to finish soon in the Manga.


The total sale of DBS Volume 19 in the first four days is 117,191 copies. This made the DBS manga the third highest of sale in the week.

DBS manga sold over 134,246 copies in the first few days of August. DBS manga got the 6th rank of overall series sales chart.

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